Before we had our daughter, Kath and I weren’t too busy planning our next trip. We usually booked a flight, I read a couple of blogs and determined a route, we picked up a Lonely Planet guidebook (they really are the best, we never ever travel without!) and off we went!

Yeah, you can’t do that with kids.

You don’t want to arrive in a new country with a tired 3-year-old without any accommodation booked, no way of transport out of the airport and you just realised you really should’ve brought your baby carrier because he’s having a tantrum on the floor as he is too tired to walk and everything is too far *insert nagging voice* and you really really just want to get the hell out of there and crawl into a bed. Get my point? Preparation is key!

We’ve got a whole selection of post that will tell you more family travel tips, let’s take a look:

Planning & packing

Planning and packing are 2 of the major factors before heading off on a family vacation. You can find our best family planning tips below.

Flying with kids

It’s the nightmare of every parent: taking a flight with a little one that doesn’t stop screaming – and you have nowhere to go! You can almost already feel the glares of other passengers. Find out our best tips for flying with a toddler below:

Roadtrips with kids

Our daughter absolutely hates the car – it’s been that way since she was a baby, the hysterical crying has toned down now at the age of 4 to non-stop nagging – so I would be my absolute nightmare having to take a road trip with kids (even though I actually love road trips myself). If you have a little one that doesn’t get in your hair or you’re just feeling especially brave, check out our posts on road trips with (small) children.

Summer vacations

Yay, trips to sunny destinations are my favorite! Take a look at these posts to get some summer travel tips:

Winter vacations

Snow, hot cacao and lots of fun. What’s not to like about a family winter vacation?

More family travelers

Other family travelers tell us some more about there way of travel. Boost your travel inspiration with these interviews:

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