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Buying awesome gifts for teenagers might not be the easiest thing to do, however, when that teen is into traveling, there’s a whole new world opening up. We’ve selected the best travel gifts for teens that will spark their wanderlust! If you are searching the web for Christmas gift ideas for teens, scroll down and find the ultimate list of cool travel gifts. 



Passport holder

A passport cover is a perfect present for a teenager who loves to travel. It looks great while it’s still practical as it offers protection for your most important document. Fuel their wanderlust and let the adventure begin!

Lens kit for smartphone

This is the most popular item on this list!

Small travel gifts are perfect presents for people who travel, especially when they travel carry-on only. A lens kit for your smartphone is small and might be just one of the coolest gifts for traveling teens! You just clip them onto the smartphone and you’re able to snap pictures with a macro or wide-angle lens.  

Luggage tags

Searching for fun travel gifts? Adding a splash of personality to your luggage is not only entertaining but comes in useful as well when searching for your suitcase. Get into an instant summer mood with these funky tags.

Travel journal

A travel journal is a great way to remember all the cool stuff and adventures from a trip. It helps improve writing skills and documenting experiences.

World map scratch poster

A world map scratch poster might not make it to the list of most unique travel gifts, but it still looks fantastic in a teenagers bedroom. It’s a great way to keep track of the places they’ve already visited and to fuel dreams about new adventures.

Instant photo printer

Whether you are searching for awesome travel gifts or simply some cool tech gifts for teens, this instant photo printer will apply to all. Sharing your holiday pictures on social media is nice, but instantly printing your snapshots brings a whole new meaning to fun! This device is about the size of a smartphone and is a great way to make everlasting memories with new friends.

Coloring book

No better way to pass the time while waiting for a plane or bus than by coloring. Even when they’ve just outgrown childhood, a coloring book is way too much fun to leave at home. A perfect gift for young travelers!  

Tote bag

A canvas bag is a great gift for a teenager, whether they use it at home (for school!) or while traveling. The possibilities are endless, so have fun choosing the bag with that perfect travel quote.

Travel game

What better way to pass the time than with a travel game. Especially when it’s as educational as it is entertaining, gifting a travel game to a teenager will make for a successful present!

Collapsible water bottle

This is one of our most popular travel accessories for teens!

Here at Travel Gear for Kids our love for traveling goes hand in hand with a sustainable way of living. Buying a couple of plastic bottles a day doesn’t line up with that. So bring some awareness to young minds and buy your teenager a collapsible water bottle that they can take everywhere! An added bonus if you buy this bottle: it will help rescue dolphins too!

TIP: buying a filtered water bottle is a great idea too! Check out this in-depth guide to the best filtered water bottles

Toiletry bag

A toiletry bag is a need when traveling, but hey, nobody said it couldn’t look cute!


Headphones make for a great gift for a teenager especially one that loves traveling. Every teen needs a moment for themselves, whether that’s passing the time with a movie or just chilling with some music.

Packing cubes

Packing cubes are such a handy tool when packing a suitcase or backpack! They keep your clothes and accessories organised while they double as compression bags and thus give you more room to bring back souvenirs.

Neck pillow

We all would like to get some sleep when traveling on a plane, bus or train and teenagers are no different. Gift them a good night of sleep by giving them a comfy neck pillow.

TIP: Read more on travel pillows in this post.

Tablet case

Electronics are an important part of modern life, especially for teenagers and travelers. You can’t go wrong by buying a fancy cover for their tablet.

Bandana scarf

This headband also features as a scarf or helmet liner and is stretchable and dries quickly. It is the perfect companion on many occasions, whether your teen likes hiking, fishing, yoga, extreme sports or just partying. Available in an abundance of colors, each package consists of 6 different pieces.

International travel adapter

What teenager doesn’t need an adapter to charge their electronic devices? This one has a great combination of USB sloths in combination with a universal socket that can be used in over 150 countries. 

Multipurpose backpack

When traveling, you sure need a backpack. But this trendy backpack serves multi purposes: it can be used for travel, but they can take it to school or spare time activities as well. It’s available in a couple of wonderful colors!  

Genius playing cards

A deck of playing cards is a basic travel item, but no need for a boring one. Spice up your teenager’s music knowledge while they play a game and travel the world.

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